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Agricultural farm of the Ćulum family

  • The company was founded in 1979, when the Ćulum family started with a few tons of sauerkraut, and today they reach production of about 1000 tons per year.
    The main items of the production program are fresh cabbage and other vegetables, sauerkraut heads and grated cabbage (cut into noodles). In addition to sauerkraut, the Ćulum family farm also produces marinated vegetables, namely homemade pickles of five and seven types of vegetables, colorful (mixed) salad, peppers with grated cabbage, chopped peppers, peppers with garlic, cucumbers and beets.
  • Through many years of work in vegetable growing, the Ćulum family has gained great experience in the complete production, especially of fresh cabbage with the proven quality of the traditional autochthonous variety of Futog’s white cabbage. The production of cabbage and other vegetable crops takes place on the available areas of unpolluted and completely correct and controlled land in the territory of the cadastral municipality of Futog, with the application of the most modern agrotechnical measures, as well as constant complete control.
    The decision to produce exclusively the traditional autochthonous variety of white Futog’s cabbage resulted from the fact that this population of cabbage has significantly more pronounced qualitative features and recognizable advantages compared to hybrid cabbage varieties. Our cabbage is characterized by exceptional biological and technological characteristics with unique sensory, processing and qualitative properties, which makes it a highly valued and sought-after type of vegetable on the domestic and foreign markets.
  • By growing this variety and hard work, the ĆULUM family achieved a leading role in the formation of the Association of Futog’s Cabbage Producers and Processors, Futog’s Cabbage and especially in the implementation of the protection of the geographical origin of Futog’s Cabbage. In this way, we achieved that Futog’s Cabbage practically became one of the most famous and recognizable Serbian brands.


Traditional recipe

  • In the preparation of their products, i.e. sauerkraut-based products for which they are best known, the Ćulum family applies exclusively the traditional procedure of natural biological fermentation of fresh cabbage.
    With a constant presence on the market, closeness to the visitors of the Novi Sad markets where they have 10 stalls and maintaining a consistent high quality of products, the Ćulum family has become a supplier of the largest retail chains in Serbia. The achieved level of product quality with designated special marks of protected geographical origin and controlled name of origin (Futog’s sauerkraut) on each package, well-chosen, flexible and attractive packaging, make the interest of customers grow day by day. Cabbage from the Ćulum family is found in countries such as Germany, Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, the USA and others.