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Scandinavian Cabbage with Veal

We advise you to try this recipe with our Futog cabbage, and let us know how you liked it.  If you don't have the cabbage at home, you can buy our in any grocery sto

The Right Use of Apetizers and Digestives in a Diet

Drinks served before the meal are called appetizers.  They are supposed to stimulate appetite.  Small amount of bitterness stimulate appetite well, so drinks li

Sauerkraut Prevents Stomach Cancer

Sauerkraut was always one of the most important winter salads and vitamin C sources to our ancestors.

Exhibiting at the Tourism Fair in Belgrade 2016

Ćulum family has taken part in the Tourism Fair this year in Belgrade.  It is our strong belief that food can have a great impact on the tourism industry in Serbia.

Futog Sauerkraut Presented in Croatia

Genuine Futog cabbage has been presented this year at the fair in Porec, Croatia, as well.

Meatless Cabbage Rolls Recipe

To prepare this delicious meal with sauerkraut as the basic ingredient, we need to supply a head of sauerkraut (or our sauerkraut leaves), a glass of white beans, 3 onion

How did it all begin

How to become your own boss?  How to apply modern business techniques in the production of traditional product?

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Naša Goca Markovic - najžena godine 2015

FORA 2016

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Ukrasni kupus - šta je i cemu služi?

Sok od kupusa - kako napraviti i cemu služi

Futoška kupusijada 2016

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